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Be Prepared: Are We Heading to WW3?


There is alot going on. Russia has invaded Ukraine and the situation has grown worse with each passing day. This war has killed thousands by now and it is only the beginning. Wars have collateral damage and we have already experienced some of this here in the United States. Gas prices have been going up and that's just the beginning. Count on more supply chain issues on top of those we are already facing.

In addition to these international issues, we were already knee deep in our own internal problems. Rising crime and lawlessness, inflation, issues related to the virus and lockdowns, and the lefts insistence to use race as a tool to seperate us. We have a President who is far removed from the reality the citizens face and we have a media and a tech conglomerate that is in complete step with the Democrats and Leftists.

These are perilous time and we therefore need to be prepared. We need to be prepared materially, meaning we need to start equipping our homes with the necessary items that can give us a cushion if the supply chain dries up. If you can afford it, everytime you go shopping, get a few extra items, like non-perishable (water, canned goods, etc.). Don't clear the shelves but just get a few extra items at each trip to the store. Understand the times and be wise for yourself and your family.

Just as important is for you to take some spiritual inventory of yourself. If you have been lax in your relationship with God you need to fix that. We need to pray and ask God to restore us. There is too much going on for us to ignore this anymore. Are we witnessing the start of WW3? I don't know, but things are happening and we can't rule out its possibility. Are we finally approaching the end times, as the Bible explains in Mathew 24, and other places (please read it if you're not familiar). 

Watch and pray is the command given to us in Scripture (Luke 21:36) and we must first hold the mirror to ourselves. Our we serious about our commitment to Christ and His Word? Do we even have an understanding of what it means to be a true Christ follower? If not, you can find your way to Him. Seek and you will find. There is not better place to be than under the umbrella of God. We understand what is coming but we don't have fear because our trust in not placed in man. It's not placed in the U.N., the President, the media, or any system of government. Our trust is in God, therefore we will have no reason to fear.

God bless you and feel free to reach out if you have questions about anything I've stated or want to talk about how you can fix your spiritual connection!

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