Importance of Father's Day

Steven Woods

Now, more than ever, Father's Day is an important day in our country. In years gone by, the importance of fathers was well known, even if it was not celebrated. These days, fatherhood is being marginalized in an atmosphere of men bashing and the generally bad press that men/fathers get.

Statistics also show that the absence of fathers has a debilitating effect on the children. There's a whole generation being taught that fathers aren't really necessary, even though most understand this is not true.

So what we would like to remind you of, is that dads are wonderful and need to be celebrated! A good father is usually not stuck on himself and generally does not expect any gift or even acknowledgment. other than being recognized as a good dad.

But this year, make a statement and get your dad a token of your appreciation, You don't have to spend a lot, but as the adage goes "It's the thought that counts". So this year, make the though count by using Encore2wo to get a good father something!

May God continue to bless all the great dads out there and encourage those fathers who are trying to learn and become great dads!

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