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The Importance of "Material Things" in Our Lives

Steven Woods

As Americans, we are often seen as having too many “things” and being materially minded! I cannot deny the fact that there is truth to this. How many of us have things that we bought on a whim, but never really used. How many of us have been tempted by smart marketers to get something we really do not need. I think all of have done that, even when we might not have had the means or wisdom to buy it!. E-commerce has only made this easier because technology makes it so easy. Click a few buttons and your “stuff” can be there, often in minutes. Getting “stuff” is a part of our cultures now.

But I would like to highlight some of the good things about “getting stuff”, which if done properly, can be a blessing to ourselves as well as others.

I believe the greatest thing about acquiring goods is the ability to be a blessing to others and give back. When a person says, “I like this product, or good, or service, BUT I value Barbara or John, or my sister, or my father, etc., and I am going to purchase this for them because they need it, or simply may like it”. When we purchase in this fashion, it's not only about our selfish desires, but its about meeting someone else’s needs and want. When we put others ahead of ourselves, the rewards we reap are unspeakable!

The second reason we should get things is more selfish, but if done for the right reasons will also bring us healthy joy and contentment. When we buy things for ourselves it should enhance our lives and give us a sense of joy. For example, if a woman buys a nice dress, it could give her a boost of confidence, or make her feel attractive. It is not the source of her happiness, but rather an external sign of her beauty and personality. A husband may know that his wife like him in a certain color or style and he buys it to enhance the relationship. This might sound trivial but a thing like this gives strong indications that a person is willing to stay attractive and focused on their partner’s desires. Of course, there are more important issues to a relationship, but little things add up!

We at Encore2wo, try to present products that will improve the quality of your life and allow you to give and/or enhance the lives of those you care about! Let us know how we are doing and give us some suggestions as to the kinds of items you would like to see on our site!




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